cHemTS Single Check

    Substance input
    Output field options
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    Executing a Single check
    Single check results

    This check type is designed to assign quickly Harmonized (Tariff) Code to a single molecule.

    Click on the HS single check icon to open the Single check panel.

    Substance input

    You can choose between two input modes:

    Draw molecule: draw the structure in a Marvin JS window,

    Text : type or paste the IUPAC or common name of the molecule in the text box and the molecular structure appears in the panel above. As text recognition is instantaneous, the structure appears and changes dynamically as typing continues. You can also use chemical file formats supported by Chemaxon . (E.g., CAS Registry Number®, SMILES, MOL,SDF, MRV, and even binary formats like SKC and CDX.


    Here you can choose one or more countries, or an international association like the European Union Countries covered:

    • China
    • European Union
    • Germany
    • India
    • Japan and Export
    • Switzerland and Export
    • United Kingdom
    • *United States and US Schedule B

    By default, all countries are searched.

    The Available countries field serves to narrow down the number of countries for which the assignment is performed.I

    Output field options

    You may choose from a set of various fields to show in your result table. You can tick these options, the changes take effect immediately.

    The following field options are provided:

    HS Description Hierarchal classification of the substance according to the actual country's tariff description
    Pharma Agreement The substance is included in the WTO's or the selected country's Pharma Agreement
    Drug Info The substance is included in the FDA's Orange Book or Green Book
    Non-mixture HS code HS code when the input is not considered as a mixture
    Unit Unit of Quantity
    General Rates on products from countries that maintain general or normal trade relations with the actual country
    Special Special rates under one or more special tariff treatment programs
    Quota quantity The product is subject to a tariff-rate quota
    Other -
    Special restrictions The actual country's special import restrictions
    Flags User-defines fla(s)


    By default these options are disabled.

    Categorize as

    By default these options are disabled.

    Executing a Single check

    Click on Check to execute the assignment of Harmonized Code to the given substance in the selected countries.

    Single check results

    Results are displayed in HS single check summary table.

    The results of a single assignment are shown on the right panel of the window. On the top of the table, the image of the checked substance, its name, the countrries in which the assignment was performed, the maximum explicit atoms setting, the date and time, and the Knowledge base version are displayed.

    The report can be generated by using the Generate drop-down where you can select the report's format ( XLSX / SDF ) Single check reports are generated applying the HS Report template which is set as " default " in the HS Report template editor.

    After the selection, the report generation starts immediately and when it is ready, it is automatically downloaded or prompted to download depending on the browser type and version.

    The displayed fields can be selected/deselected using the Output field options checkboxes even after the check has already run.