Plexus Connect - Quick Start Guide

    Plexus Connect is a web-based software used to access, display, search, and analyze scientific data. It seamlessly combines Chemaxon's cheminformatics expertise with the technical benefits of a browser-based environment. It accesses chemical databases designed and managed within Instant JChem, making your research data accessible in an online environment.

    This page serves as a brief overview of the most important features in Plexus Connect. Each short animation provides an introductory guide to a Plexus Connect function which could prove useful in your everyday work.

    Structure search

    Filter your molecules using your favorite JChem search engine

    JChem Base

    JChem Oracle Cartridge

    JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge

    JChem Choral


    Filtering relation data

    Child data filtering capability enables users to search data from complex datatrees containing many-to-one relationships


    Workspace sharing

    Workspace content is shareable with your collaborators by copy/pasting its URL address


    Customizing grid views

    Basic grid views can be easily customized by the table editor. For instance, users can add and hide columns, reorder columns, resize both rows and columns. Selected columns can be frozen to the left side of the screen to exclude them from horizontal scrolling


    Form editor

    With the form editor functionality users can build and edit their own form views. Use your favorite widgets and create forms that fits to your data and needs


    List operations

    Combine your lists by using advanced logical operators (such as Intersection or Union) to discover hidden patterns in your datasets


    Interactive charting

    Visualize your datasets as easily readable Scatterplots, Histograms, Bar charts or Radar charts to discover relationships between your data


    Data from Plexus Connect can be easily exported into various standard file formats such as SDF, MRV or MS Excel