Chemaxon Cloud

    • Software as a Service solution, providing administrative and end user functionalities around Teams and Applications
    • Abbreviated as: CXN Cloud, CXNC


    • Represents a single environment for an external client - a company buying products of Chemaxon - of Chemaxon Cloud
      • A client is not restricted to have only a single Team, they can have multiple
      • In practice a client might have multiple Teams, due to requiring multiple deployment environments, especially - early on when they start using Chemaxon Cloud, environments such as:
      • Staging or Testing
      • Production
    • Is generally a boundary for data - usually data stays within its Team
    • Accessed via dedicated subdomain of Chemaxon Cloud (e.g.
    • Also known as Tenant in Chemaxon Cloud
    • Represented as an Okta Application in Okta


    • Not to be confused with an Okta Application
    • Interpreted in the context of Chemaxon Cloud
    • Usually meaning a Chemaxon Product
    • Potentially an external 3rd party product (e.g. LabCup)
    • Registered into and integrated with a Team of Chemaxon Cloud

    Okta Application

    • Not to be confused with an Application in Chemaxon Cloud
    • Configuration and metadata representing an application (web, SPA or mobile) that wants to use Okta for authentication and authorization
    • In the current architecture, a Team in Chemaxon Cloud is represented as an Okta Application in Okta
    • Used as the “common denominator” for
      • A specific Team in Chemaxon Cloud
      • And the Chemaxon Applications registered under the very same Team