Import Dialog

    Marvin JS can import all commonly used molecule file formats. Marvin JS handles MDL Molfiles V2000 (.mol) and Chemaxon Marvin Documents (.mrv) as input files natively, and other file types can also be imported if the appropriate web service is available.

    The Structure of the Import Dialog

    Parts of the import dialog

    Importing can be done by using one of the following buttons:

    • Add: Appends the structure to the contents of the canvas.
    • Replace: Overwrites the contents of the canvas with the new structure.

    Supported Import Formats in Marvin JS

    Natively Marvin JS supports the MRV and MDL Mol(V2000) formats. Other export formats also available through web services.

    The following import formats are supported natively:

    • Chemaxon Marvin Document (MRV)
    • MDL Molfile (V2000)

    The following import formats need web service:

    • MDL RXNfile
    • MDL RGfile
    • MDL RDfile
    • SMILES
    • Chemaxon SMILES
    • SMARTS
    • Chemaxon Extended SMARTS
    • InChI
    • HTML or XML
    • Name
    • CML
    • MDL Molfile V3000
    • MDL RXNfile V3000
    • MDL RGfile V3000
    • MDL SDfile
    • Chemaxon Compressed Molfile
    • Chemaxon Compressed SDfile
    • CDX File Format (Available through Open file option, or Drag&Drop)
    • SKC File Format (Available through Open file option, or Drag&Drop)

    Import with the Paste Source Function

    1. Open the text-based structure file with a text editor, select all and copy the file contents to the clipboard, then paste it into the input area.
    2. Above the text field, select the appropriate file format from the drop-down list or choose the \<auto recognize> option.
    3. Press the Import button to display the structure on the canvas.

    {info} It is also possible to open a molecule file by drag and drop it onto the canvas.