Redirecting Other Vendors' OLE Objects to Marvin OLE

    From version 5.7, Marvin OLE started supporting the conversion of other vendors' embedded OLE objects into Marvin OLE objects. This is an in-place migration of OLE contents generated by other chemical OLE objects.

    The currently supported OLE objects are as follows:

    • ISISDraw, SymyxDraw, AccelrysDraw OLE content - (MDLDrawOLE.MDLDrawObject)
    • ChemDraw OLE content - (ChemDraw.Document)

    The installers are part of the Marvin for .NET package, which can be download from here.

    The installation of this capability requires administrator privileges. The C:\Program Files\Chemaxon\Shared\MarvinOLE folder contains the relevant registry files (Install_ISIS_Symyx_OLE_Redirection.reg and Install_ChemDraw_OLE_Redirection.reg). The administrator must do the following steps to get this feature installed properly:

    • Before the OLE redirection , the following registry keys must be exported (and saved) for backup purposes.
      • On a 32-bit system:
      • for MDLDrawOLE objects: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{0004AFF7-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
      • for ChemDraw documents: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{41BA6D21-A02E-11CE-8FD9-0020AFD1F20C}
      • On a 64bit system: the above and
      • for MDLDrawOLE objects: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node
      • for ChemDraw documents: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node
    • When the above entries are saved, the Install_ISIS_Symyx_OLE_Redirection.reg or the Install_ChemDraw_OLE_Redirection.reg file can be executed.
    • After the OLE redirection, to restore the original state of the system (that is, without the OLE redirection), the above keys should be deleted from the registry, and the exported keys should be imported again.

    If the installation of this feature was successful the third-party OLE content will be converted during the OLE editing process.

    {primary} After executing the Install_ISIS_Symyx_OLE_Redirection.reg or the Install_ChemDraw_OLE_Redirection.reg file your OLE object will be opened by Marvin in the future.

    In each case when a user is about to open the third-party OLE content, an automatic confirmation dialog will be dropped to get this conversion confirmed. If a structure is selected and copied in SymyxDraw, when it is pasted to an MS Office document, the confirmation dialog appears, too.

    On the dialog, the user should allow (or disallow) the redirection operation and also can apply his decision for all similar cases (checkbox): how should the same OLE type be edited in the future. If the checkbox was selected, the confirmation dialog will not be dropped for that OLE content type anymore. The decision is stored for each OLE content type in the following registry path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Chemaxon\MarvinOLE\Settings

    If the appropriate registry key, for example, the \SKCConversion is deleted, the confirmation dialog will appear next time again at editing the third-party OLE.

    Redirecting File Associations to MarvinView

    File associations can be modified according to the standard Windows procedure, as described above in the Installation of a .reg file paragraph.

    But there is another way to redirect the .skc file associations (from IsisDraw or SymyxDraw) or the .cdx file associations (from ChemDraw) to MarvinView: on installing (or reinstalling) MarvinBeans, the Allow file associations checkbox must be checked, and on the next Select File Associations dialog, the Isis/Draw molecule file (.skc) or/and the ChemDraw chemical structure exchange file (.cdx) checkbox must be checked.

    This file association-redirection can be reverted when MarvinBeans is reinstalled again, and the Isis/Draw molecule file (.skc) or/and the ChemDraw chemical structure exchange file (.cdx) checkbox remains unchecked (default) - or when MarvinBeans is uninstalled.