Managing a Team Space

    Creating a workspace for a new team

    When a request for a new subscription arrives, the system administrator can create the initial workspace for the new team. The system administrator has to provide the name and size of the team as well as the expiration date of their subscription, and the team administrator can be specified by providing their email address. From this point, the team administrator can log in to their new workspace and invite users to join the team.

    When the system administrator navigates to the Teams page, they will see a list of all the active team workspaces together with their respective subscription expiration date.

    Clicking on the "Create team" button next to the title "Teams", will open the "Add Team" page, where the system admin has to specify the followings:

    • name of the team
    • subscription expiration date
    • team size - maximum number of team members
    • subdomain name - i.e., an identifier of the team, which will be used as a part of the URL where the team members can access their team workspace (e.g. my-team would become
    • administrator's email address
    • live chat - determines whether live chat box is shown for team or not
    • demo team - determines whether team is used as demo team (i.e. more strict validation on request access page) or whether it is regular team

    The team account can be finalized by pressing the "Register team" button. As a result, you will be navigated back to the Teams page, where the new team has already been added to the list of active teams.

    Editing a team workspace

    The system administrator can modify the name, size, subscription expiration date and subdomain name of a team. Clicking on one of the list items on the Teams page will open the selected team detail page. Here the system administrator can edit the required fields and save the changes.

    The system administrator cannot retrospectively change the team administrator; this can only be done by the team administrators themselves. Additionally, a team can have more than one team administrator; this again can only be edited by the team administrators themselves, and never by the system administrators.

    Inactivating a team workspace

    When a team does not want to renew their expired subscription or when a team account is not needed anymore, the system administrator can remove the team workspace from the list of active workspaces. However, the account will not be deleted, only suspended, so the team can still decide to have a new subscription and start using the same account again at a later date with their data remaining available.

    Assigning applications to a team

    Once a new team has been created, system administrators can assign the necessary applications to the team's workspace. The detailed description of assigning an application to a team and registering it within Chemaxon Cloud can be found in the Registering Applications article.