The canvas is the main area where chemical structures, queries, and reactions are drawn.

    Zooming the Canvas

    There are several ways to zoom in and zoom out. These are the following:

    • Holding Ctrl and using the mouse wheel.
    • Using the zoom buttons which are available on the General toolbar (Zoom In/Zoom Out).
    • Specifying the zoom percentage either by using the drop-down list or by navigating to View > Zoom Level. Setting the value to All zooms in or zooms out objects to the full size of the canvas.
      Specifying the zoom percentage of MarvinSketch
    • Pressing F6 and dragging vertically to zoom.

    Scrolling the Canvas

    To move the canvas, click the Scroll Arrow of the scroll bar or drag the Scroll Box. You can also use the appropriate Arrow Key of your keyboard to move the canvas. It is also possible to move the canvas by using the mouse wheel (scrolling moves the canvas up or down and scrolling while holding Shift moves the canvas left or right).

    {info} Moving the Canvas with Arrow Keys works only when no selection is made or everything is selected on the Canvas.

    When an item is selected on the canvas, the Arrow Keys will move the marked object. Ctrl+Arrow key can be used to move the canvas in this case. Shift+Arrow keys will move the selected items in greater units.

    Scroll bars and arrows