Atom Query Properties Dialog

    The Atom query properties dialog provides quick access to the most frequently used query properties in the Advanced tab of Atom properties dialog.

    The atom query properties dialog

    Available from the atom toolbar, Query atoms combo box, or by pressing the . key.

    The table below lists all the available properties along with a description and available values.

    Property Description Tool Available values
    Total Hydrogen (H) The total number of hydrogen substituents. .H+ and .H- H0-H4 and H4-H0
    Implicit Hydrogen (h) The number of implicit hydrogen substituents. .h+ and .h- h0-h4 and h4-h0
    Bond order (v) Total bond order. In some cases, it is referred to as valence count. .v+ and .v- v0-v8 and v8-v0
    Connections (X) The number of substituents including hydrogens. .X+ and .X- X0-X3 and X3-X0
    Ring count (R) The number of rings the atom is a member of. .R+ and .R- R0-R6 and R6-R0
    Smallest ring size (r) Size of the smallest ring the atom is a member of. .r+ and .r- r0-r30 and r30-r0
    Ring bond (rb) Number of ring bonds next to the atom. .rb+, .rb-, and .rb* rb0-rb4, rb4-rb0, and as drawn
    Substitutions (s) Substitution count: the number of non-hydrogen substituents plus the number of isotopic hydrogen substituents. .s+ .s- .s* s0-s6, s6-s0, and as drawn
    Unsaturated (u) Unsaturated atom: an atom that has a double, triple, or aromatic bond. .u u
    Aromaticity (a/A) It defines whether the atom has at least one aromatic bond (a) or only aliphatic (A) bonds. .a/A a and A