Valence Error

    • Checker searches for valence errors.

    • Fixer offers removing explicit hydrogens if applicable (fixvalence).

      Example :

      Valence Error Checker (valenceerror) Warning: Fix
      Fix Valence (fixvalence)
      Detect Valence Error images/download/attachments/1806516/ex_valence_ch.png ex_valence_ch images/download/attachments/1806516/no.png no error
      images/download/attachments/1806516/ex_valence_chc2.png ex_valence_ch images/download/attachments/1806516/ex_valence_fc2.png ex_valence_f
      images/download/attachments/1806516/ex_valence_chc.png ex_valence_ch images/download/attachments/1806516/no.png not available
      Detect Valence Error: Allow traditional N representation (:allowTraditionalNitrogen=true) images/download/attachments/1806516/ex_valence_ch1.png ex_valence_ch images/download/attachments/1806516/no.png not available

      Note : Valence errors with no removable hydrogens have to be corrected manually.

      Current limitation : If an R group definition contains an S group with valence error inside, the checker reports about the problem but no fixer is applied (even if the valence error could be eliminated with H removal).