JChem for Office Known Issues

    JChem for Office (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook)


    • Because of recent Microsoft Windows updates in Office 2016, 2019, 2021 or Office 365, when pressing the Add/Edit ribbon button in the JChem ribbon, with default Microsoft Office settings "Unable to construct Marvin Editor Control" error message appears. See Issues Detailed.

    • In some new Windows10 environments the size of the structure is automatically increased each time after editing a single structure.

    • If the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V runs JChem for Office Copy/Paste option is set to FALSE, after using Microsoft Office's Copy and Paste with structures, the clipboard is cleared and Microsoft Office Paste becomes inactive.

    • Trimming spaces does not work as expected at converting SMILES to structure in JChem for Excel and in JChem for PowerPoint.

    • When ChemDraw OLE - Marvin OLE redirection is set in the registry, then when editing the structure it will keep the CS ChemDrawing OLE format but it can be edited with Marvin OLE editor as well.

    Import from database / file

    • The Stereochemistry option is not remembered in the next search run during structure filtering.

    • Structure search is not available at synonyms in case of connecting to Oracle Cartridge through JChem Web Services.

    • Empty slides are inserted between imported structures in case of One Structure per Page import layout in JChem for PowerPoint.

    JChem for Excel


    • When the Settings.xml file is out-of-date, an XmlException error appears when clicking something on the ribbon. Simply close the message and restart Excel, the ribbon is now up-to-date and a new Settings.xml has been created. images/download/attachments/1804974/Settings_Error.png

    Editor Pane

    • Opening the Editor Pane currently gives an error message.


    • If multiple different versions of .NET based applications (JChem for Office, JChem for Office Lite, File converter, Chemaxon .NET API) were installed on a computer, the C:\Program Files (x86)\Chemaxon\lib folder might contain extra files. This may cause unexpected errors such an Image Rendering Failed error message in a cell.

    • If JChem for Excel is installed by using the JChem for Office installer and it is installed to a custom (non-default) path, then the Help cannot be opened from the JChem ribbon.

    • The JCFixStructure function with abbrevgroup->ungroup action string sometimes results in distorted structures in JChem for Excel.

    • Installer issues can happen with Microsoft Office 365 Online and Microsoft Office Desktop Apps from Windows Store, which are not supported at the moment. These versions are mostly available on Windows 10 in S mode, which is also not yet supported. See more details about Windows 10 S here. in many cases " Preinstalled MS Office " is installed on Windows S. This type of MS Office is installed by the manufacturer on the computer and activated for one year in the original Windows OS by default.

      "Office in the Windows Store" has some important differences and disadvantages compared to full Office 2016 desktop:

      • You can only install the 32-bit versions

      • COM add-ins are not supported

      • OneNote isn't included, for example. Instead, you get the more limited OneNote app.

    Officially recommended fix from Microsoft (you can also read about this here):

    1. If you're running Windows 10 in S mode you need to switch to Windows 10 Pro. See Switch out of S mode in Windows 10.

    2. Uninstall the Microsoft Store installation type of Office.

    3. Install the Click-to-run version of Office. Once the Click-to-run install is complete, go ahead and install and activate your Office add-ins.

    Import from File

    • In older Excel versions, when multiple workbooks are open with multiple worksheets, changing the target workbook during an import from file process changes the target worksheet as well. Since Excel 2013, the Target Workbook selector is disabled.

    Import from Database

    • It causes an error when the user attempts to execute a query in case of a TNS type connection if the JChem Base search method is selected in the property grid.

    Import by IDs

    • Empty SDFile is generated when exporting from IDStructure column type if the ID has been set to visible not the structure.


    • Copying and pasting a whole column with structures to an empty column by using the ribbon Copy and Paste buttons might be very slow.

    • The Undo ( Ctrl+Z ) function does not work for copy-paste events in JChem for Excel if the Keyboard Events option is set to TRUE in the Options.

    Windows Display Scale

    • Marvin does not open in the middle of the screen if the current display scale is not set to 100%.

    • The mouse cursor does not point to the correct position furthermore the windows and the controls are cut and incomplete when the local and the external monitor’s scale values are different and an Excel workbook with chemical structures was moved from one screen to the other.


    • When Excel is first used after a new JChem for Office installation, #NAME? appears for structures in the cells. Closing Excel and reopening it solves this problem.
    • Calculating multiple properties for several thousand structures in an Excel file may result in Excel becoming unresponsive, especially in 32-bit Microsoft Office.

    • The cross-sheet or workbook references have to be entered manually or switched on by setting the Structure Drawing Behaviour for Excel Dialogs to TRUE to do it automatically.

    • If there are structures on the sheet and a chart or a comment is added (comments need to be shown continuously), then when moving the chart or the comment over the structure cells, structures can be seen on the chart or comment object.

    • Maximum 4000 structures can be converted to Excel image shapes by using the Convert Structure to Excel Image Shape and Save to Share functions due to the upper limit of GDI handles that can be opened per session.

      For more information regarding GDI, click here.

    • When editing a structure inserted from a CDX file, .cdx format will be changed to .mrv format after structure editing, when saving the structure with the right-click option.

    • Cell comments can be edited only if the Show All Comment or Show/Hide Comments buttons have been pressed in Review ribbon or right-click menu.

    • Valence errors are not shown in Excel even if the Show Valence Error option is set TRUE.