Getting started with Chemicalize

    This page collects some information to help you get started with Chemicalize.

    Signing up for Chemicalize

    As Chemicalize is a service created and hosted by Chemaxon, you must have a Chemaxon account/pass in order to login and use it. If you happen to not have an account/pass yet, you can create one by signing up for Chemicalize via the main page of its website.

    {info} Please note that signing up for Chemicalize re-directs you to the account creation form on the Chemaxon website.

    {info}You can not find, download a license for/subscribe to Chemicalize via the Chemaxon website. You can only access Chemicalize via its website.

    Logging into Chemicalize

    Once you have a Chemaxon pass/account, you can login to Chemicalize via the main page of its website.

    {info} Chemaxon uses Okta as an authentication system for login.

    A good place to start with Chemicalize is its Dashboard. You can navigate to it by clicking on the Chemicalize logo at the top left corner of the website.

    Chemicalize Dashboard

     Subscribing to Chemicalize

    Once you are logged into Chemicalize, you need to start a subscription for it in order to use it. For detailed information about how to subscribe, please read our subscription management documentation pages.