Drawing Settings

    The drawing parameters can be collectively set by using a style. Styles in Marvin include the setting of the following attributes:

    Name Description
    Atom font type Sets the font type for atoms.
    Atom font size Sets the size of the atom font.
    Document Unit Sets the measurement unit. The possible options are as follows: pt, cm, inch, and bl%.
    Bond Length Sets the length of the bonds.
    Wireframe bond thickness Sets the width of all bonds and lines.
    Bold bond width Sets the width of the line used when a bold bond is drawn.The end of the wedge bonds is 1.5 times the bold width.
    Bond spacing Sets the distance between the lines in double or triple bonds.
    10% and 20% bond spacings
    Hash spacing Sets the spacing between the hashed lines for single down wedged bonds and hashed bonds.
    1, 2, and 4 pt hash spacings
    Margin Sets the space surrounding the bundle rectangle.