Plexus Connect - Sorting Data

    Column values in a table view can be sorted ascending or descending. By hovering over the column header of the field which you want to sort and clicking on the arrow in the column header, a dropdown menu appears including images/download/thumbnails/13109328/SortAsc.png Sort ascending and images/download/thumbnails/13109328/SortDesc.png Sort descending options. When you choose either of those options by clicking, the appropriate icon appears in the column header, indicating that the column values are sorted. Please note that sorting is possible only by a single field (column) currently. Similarly, you can sort the values in the fields of your form views by right-clicking on the selected field and selecting the appropriate option from the arrow dropdown menu.

    On the screenshot below, the images/download/thumbnails/13109328/SortDescBlue.pngicon in the "CdId" column header indicates that the values in this column are sorted by the "CdId" field in descending order.


    Sorting in a view (grid or form view) will be preserved even after you run a query.

    Multi Field Data Sorting

    Multi field sorting can be applied on many fields at once. If the values in one field are equal, priority is decided based on the values in the second field. If the values in the second field are also equal, priority is decided based on the values in the third field etc. In order to apply Multi field sorting, follow the procedure described above on the fields of your choice. To define the sorting priority, choose the field of your lowest priority first and the field of your highest priority last.

    In the screenshot below you can see three fields on which the Multi field sorting was applied in following order: Mol Weigh first, donors second and acceptors third (last). The field with the highest sorting priority is marked either with images/download/thumbnails/13109328/SortAsc.png or images/download/thumbnails/13109328/SortDesc.png.


    If the values in the Acceptors field are equal, order is decided by Donors values. If the values in Donors are equal as well, the order is decided by Mol Weight values.

    Sorting is stored in URL and can be shared with others.