Deployment Guide

    Compound Registration comes in two different distributions. Depending on your hosting preferences, you can choose between the traditional web archive packaging, or you can also get the application as a docker image. The web archive format is still widely used for running Java server applications, but the installation and upgrade process is slightly more complex than with the docker image, where the additional libraries are already packaged and configured with the application.

    The main difference is that the docker distribution already contains Java and Tomcat

    This guide describes the steps that are necessary in order to deploy Compound Registration in a new environment or upgrade from and older version.

    In the first chapter you will find information regarding the minimum system requirements and the necessary environment to be able to install Compound Registration. The second chapter describes how to set up an Oracle or MySQL database. The next chapter helps you to configure your application server, and the last two chapters provide information on the installation process.

    Installation steps:

    1. Installation requirements

    2. Database setup

    3. Deploying the application

    4. Compound Registration Wizard

    5. Upgrade guide

    6. Command Line Tools