File Menu

    The File menu contains the available file operations, for example, New, Open, Save, Print, and Close.

    Menu item Icon Description
    New > Clear Desk N/A Clears the canvas.
    New > New Window N/A Opens another MarvinSketch window.
    Open Open icon Loads the selected molecule file and overwrites the canvas with it, this means any unsaved changes of the previous structure are discarded.
    Insert File N/A Inserts the selected molecule file into the canvas without overwriting its contents.
    Save Save icon Saves the molecule in the same format to the same file it was opened from. If you are working with a new molecule, Save functions as Save As.
    Save As Save as icon Saves the molecule in a different location or with a different file name or format.
    Import Name N/A Opens the Source window and enables you to enter directly an IUPAC Name or a trademark name (if it is registered in the dictionary of MarvinSketch) and convert it to structure.
    Import Image N/A Converts an image file to a structure if the file contains the source MRV, otherwise, the conversion is handled by OSRA.
    Export to Image N/A Exports the molecule to the specified location in the specified image format.
    Find Structure Online > Chemicalize Chemicalize icon If contains the structure, it opens the records in your default browser.
    Find Structure Online > Reaxys® Reaxys icon Starts a search in Reaxys. Both reactions and structures can be searched. In the case of structures, a substructure search is also available.
    Find Structure Online > PubChem N/A Launches a search in PubChem.
    Find Structure Online > Google Google icon Starts a search in Google Patents. It is also possible to search in non patent literature.
    Print Print icon Prints image of the current molecule.
    Multipage Settings N/A Creates a multipage molecular document that helps to work with large drawings by dividing them into pages. For more information, see Multipage Documents.
    Document Style N/A Applies drawing parameters and pre-defined styles. Fre information, see Customizing drawing styles.
    Recent N/A Lists the recently used files.
    Close N/A Finishes working with the currently opened molecule.
    Exit N/A Saves GUI settings, preferences, and My Templates before exiting the application.