• Checker searches for aliases in the structure.

    • Fixers:

      • converting alias to abbreviated group if the alias value corresponds to a group in the abbreviated group list * (aliastogroup);

      • converting alias to atom if the alias value corresponds to an element (e.g., Ar) (aliastoatom);

      • removing alias (revealing the atom under the alias) ** (removealias);

      • deleting the atom having alias information (removeatom).

      Example :

      Alias Checker (alias) Warning: Fix
      Convert Alias to Group (aliastogroup) Convert to Atom (aliastoatom) Remove Alias (removealias) Delete Atom (removeatom)
      Detect Alias images/download/attachments/1803788/ex_alias_ch.png ex_alias_ch images/download/attachments/1803788/ex_alias_fcong.png convert ot group images/download/attachments/1803788/ex_alias_fcona.png convert to atom images/download/attachments/1803788/ex_alias_frem.png ex_alias_frem images/download/attachments/1803788/ex_alias_fdel.png ex_alias_fdel

    {primary} "OMe" and "CL" were defined as alias. After converting "OMe" to methoxy group, the abbreviated group is linked correctly to the chain, i.e., bond through the oxygen atom.

    *User defined abbreviated groups are also available to be applied as recognizable abbreviated group set.

    **Alias only covers the atom, and fixer removes this alias from the original atom.

    {info} Alias atoms are not supported in the MolV3000 format. With file conversions from MolV2000 into MolV3000 format the alias info will be lost.