SF-010 Notification Event Types

    Namespace: synergy/event-types Last updated: 14.7.2020


    This feature specifies the list of notification event types for the user (ie. email) notifications. Chemaxon Cloud is able to send out notifications (emails) to users when a specific event happens. In order to send notifications to users from your application, you have to publish the possible notification event types. Chemaxon Cloud calls the specified application endpoint to retrieve the event types. This info is used on the Notification Settings page, where the users can subscribe/unsubscribe for application notifications.


    The application can send notifications to specific users or user groups by calling the Notification API of Chemaxon Cloud (/api/notification). Chemaxon Cloud reads the list of notification event types provided by the endpoint specified in SF-010 feature attribute by sending HTTP GET request for internal purposes. Response is expected to contain JSON of event type with other properties.


    Application info uses synergy/event-types namespace and single url attribute.

      "namespace": "synergy/event-types",
      "attributes": {
        "url": "https://edc-api.cxcloud.io/api/event/v1/types"
        "type": "NEW_ANALYTICAL_REQUEST",
        "preferencesLabel": "new analytical request has been created",
        "unsubscribeMessage": "You will no longer to receive notification about new requests in Chemaxon Cloud.",
        "groups": ["ANALYTICAL_CHEMIST", "USER"]
        "label": " analytical request has been closed",
        "unsubscribeMessage": "You will no longer to receive notification about closed requests in Chemaxon Cloud",
        "groups": ["SYNTHETIC_CHEMIST", "USER"]