Installation and Upgrade

    Software Requirement

    Marvin JS is a web-based editor. Please, upload it to a web server and refer to its URL in your browser.

    Server Side Requirements

    Marvin JS Web Services which can be downloaded as a platform-dependent bundled package with Marvin JS or a web server.

    Client Side Requirements

    You must enable/allow the following to run the Marvin JS editor:

    • JavaScript
    • HTML5 canvas
    • Web support

    {info} Marvin JS does not support compatibility mode in Internet Explorer.

    In most cases, you can switch on/off compatibility mode in your IE. For IE 8, 9 and 10 these settings can be reached from the Tools menu (ALT+T). For other IE version, please, visit the appropriate website.

    Note that all intranet sites are set to run in compatibility mode by default. In this case, please, consult with your system administrator.

    License Requirement

    The client-side Marvin JS requires a license. As the web services act as a license server, this license is granted through the /rest-v1/license/grant endpoint. For more information, see Chemaxon Marvin JS Web Services. This also means that when the bundled installer is used, the client-side and web services are automatically connected, and if the license to the web services is properly installed, no further user action is needed to set the license up on the client side.

    On the other hand, when you would like to use a custom endpoint for the web services, you have to call marvin.Sketch.license. For more information, see Marvin JS API Reference.

    The legacy license installation (without web services) is out of the scope of this document. Please contact Sales or our Support for more information if this setup mode is required.


    Deploy Marvin JS

    It is highly recommended to install Marvin JS with an installer that also sets up the required web services.

    If you would like to deploy the pure Marvin JS package and the optionally connected services separately, download the Marvin JS zip package from the Chemaxon site and deploy the zip's content to any web server as a static content.

    If the extra features (for example, 2D and + clean, aromatization) provided by the Marvin JS Web Services is needed, install Marvin JS Web Services or any other Chemaxon Web Services distribution that provides the same REST API (like JChem Microservices). For more information, see the manual of the desired product.

    More information about the REST API here.

    Please, make sure that the Marvin JS configuration contains the proper URL to the desired services. Check the js/webservices.js file and update references if necessary.

    Security Note

    If the JS content and requested services are hosted on different domains, the browser may block the JS request through the services, because it may harm the same origin policy of the browser.


    Marvin JS is a standalone web component, it does not depend on the referred services. In most cases, you can upgrade the JavaScript content without upgrading the connected services (unless the new version is not compatible with the Web Services version).

    To upgrade, just simply delete the content of the folder where Marvin JS extracted earlier and place the new content there.