System Requirements - Compliance Checker/cHemTS

    Hardware Requirements

    Memory requirements

    Component Minimum Preferred
    mongo 512 MB 2+ GB
    cc-config 256 MB 512 MB
    cc-eureka 256 MB 512 MB
    cc-bigdata 1 GB 2 GB
    cc-web 1 GB 2 GB
    cc-backend 4 GB 6+ GB
    cc-api 1 GB 2 GB

    Hard disk requirements

    For the installed SW

    About 1.5 GB hard disk storage for the installed:

    • Java 17: (from Compliance Checker version 23.12.0)
    • MongoDB 5.0 or higher (MongoDB 6 is preferred)

    For the storage of results in Mongo DB

    About 1 GB per 1 million compounds.

    For the storage of reports

    Depends on the selected fields of the report template. Main consumers:

    • Images of the input structures and the example structures.
    • Large molecule source formats (especially SDF or MOL) for the input molecule source or the example structure source.

    So at least 20 GB HD storage is recommended for testing.

    Software Requirements

    Installed Java

    Java 11 is required starting from Compliance Checker version 21.18.0. Java 17 is required starting from Compliance Checker version 23.12.0.

    Installed MongoDB

    Minimum: MongoDB 5.0, preferred: 6.x.