Obtaining IJC log files

    IJC log files

    It's located under IJCuserdir/var/log subdir. To find out IJC Userdir look at Help -> About.

    Usual locations on Windows 10 operating system are:

    In case of standard installation:

    C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\.instantjchem\\var\log - for locally installed IJC client.


    ( )

    In case of Java Web Start:

    C:\Users\username\.instantjchem\ws_www.chemaxon.com_stable\var\log - for Java Web Start version.


    All files in given directory can be useful, but usually we need to look at messages.log file. For solving problems with JWS launcher, please send us the jnlpinstaller.log file.

    You can also view this file in IJC. Go to View -> Instant JChem Log File. Output is shown in the bottom of IJC application. It is possible to copy selected content to clipboard or save it as file using right mouse button and chose the option from context menu. Unfortunately most of the time this approach does not show/copy the whole file.