Import from IJC Database

    {primary} Please note that this feature is deprecated since version 21.4. The functionality is not completely removed yet, so you can still use it by customizing the ribbon by adding the button and the corresponding action to it. For more details on how to customize the ribbon, please refer to Customizing the Ribbon of JChem for Office section.

    It is possible to import structures and other data from Instant JChem data tables into Microsoft Office applications by using the Import from IJC database function.


    The user interface contains the following tabs:

    • Source: The IJC data table to be imported can be selected; data placement and layout can be specified for structures and other data to be imported.
    • Columns: Columns in the previously selected data table to be imported.
    • Rows: Rows in previously searched columns to be imported.
    • Progress: Progress of the import process and other information are displayed.

    Instant JChem is a desktop application for end-users. With this desktop application, you can create, explore, and share chemical and non-chemical data in local and remote databases without additional administration.

    For more information about this product, see Instant JChem.

    For more information about the Instant JChem database connections and about importing data into Instant JChem databases, see the following topics: