Using Integrated Calculations in MarvinSketch

    Calculation Integration as Service

    Services are handy modules of MarvinSketch which help to integrate third-party calculations. The linked services are listed under the Services menu. If no services are set, this menu is disabled.

    Using a Service

    Select the desired third-party calculation from the Services menu. A new window opens on the right of the main window with the same title as the service name.

    A calculator service in MarvinSketch

    The collapsible panels of the window are as follows:

    • Structure: The upper panel will show the structure in question. The structure can only be edited in the MarvinSketch window.
      • Update button: If the structure is changed in MarvinSketch, press this button to refresh the structure for the calculation.

        {info} The button is disabled if Calculate automatically is checked.

    • Arguments: The middle panel shows the calculation parameters. Unless the parameter is bold, it can be modified.
    • Result: The lower panel will show the result of the calculation. The panel can present different output formats, for example, string, structure, or web page.
      • Calculate automatically checkbox: If the structure is changed in MarvinSketch, the update of the structure and the calculation will run automatically.

        {info} When this is checked, the Calculate and Update buttons are inactivated.

      • Calculate button: Calculates and retrieves the result.