Context Menus

    Context menus contain a special set of features related to the context of the usage. With these, you can add/change properties and manipulate objects and structures on the canvas.

    Context (object) Context menu Features
    Abbreviated group Abbreviated Group Context Menu Expand, Contract, Ungroup, Expand and Clean (only abbreviated groups), Ungroup and Clean (only abbreviated groups), Duplicate, Atom properties, + R-group attachment, - R-group attachment, Absolute stereo (chiral), R-logic, Paste.
    Atom Atom Context Menu Duplicate, + R-group attachment, - R-group attachment, Attached Data..., Atom properties, Absolute stereo (chiral), R-logic, Paste.
    Bond Bond Context Menu Attached Data..., Bond properties, Absolute stereo (chiral), Paste.
    Empty place on the canvas Empty Space Context Menu Absolute stereo (chiral), R-logic.
    Graphical object Graphical Objects Context Menu Duplicate, Set box color, Absolute stereo (chiral).
    R-group definition label R-group Label Context Menu Ungroup, Duplicate, Atom properties, Absolute stereo (chiral), R-logic.
    Selection and R-group definition label R-group Label Context Menu Add to this group, Remove from this group, Absolute stereo (chiral), R-logic.
    Selected structure Selection Context Menu Depends on the selected structure.
    Link node, repeating unit, copolymer S-group Context Menu Ungroup, Edit, Attached Data..., Absolute stereo (chiral), R-logic, Paste.