Saving a structure

    To save a structure

    1. Click on the images/download/thumbnails/1806415/save_export.png icon on the Toolbar

    2. Select the format.

    3. Click on "Download"

    Available formats:

    • HELM 2.x

    • HELM 1.x

    • MDL Molfile


    {info} The molecule in the displayed format can be copied to the clipboard by selecting the entire content of the textbox and pressing Ctrl+C (Windows) or Cmd+C (Mac)

    For a complete list of supported features please see the Import to BioEddie section.

    {warning} Please note that certain elements (i.e. BLOB type, ambiguous bonds) are not supported in HELM 1x. and MDL Molfile. To export to MDL Molfile, a license to the separate Biomolecule Toolkit is required.