Clean IJC re-installation

    If you need for any reason a clean slate with IJC, a clean re-installation can be performed. It is a quite simple process.

    • Locate your IJC User Directory - its location can be found in the "About Instant JChem" dialog, which is accessible in IJC's Help menu.

    • Shut down your IJC and perform an uninstallation normally, according to your operating system.

    • Delete your IJC User Directory - the directory itself is named , but the complete path will differ depending on your operating system.

      {info} Mac OS X : /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Application Support/instantjchem/

      {info} Windows : C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\.instantjchem\

    • Download desired IJC version installer from the web, if not already downloaded.

    • Install IJC normally.

    {primary} Please note that your data will be intact as IJC Projects are stored in a different folder. After the clean re-install, IJC will not remember your last opened projects, so you have to open them again.