The param Parameter

    In a param or paramH parameter, the first character is the field separator (:' here). The first field is the type of the first component (M,L,B,CorT`), followed by its n parameters in the forthcoming n fields. Then the same for the second component, etc. Component parameters:

    Parameter Description
    :M: width : height width and height are in pixel units.
    :L: fontprops fontprops: font properties.
    :B: fontprops :: :B: fontprops : description : :B: fontprops : description : frame fontprops: font properties, description: description string, target: target frame for the URL ("_self" = show in the window and frame that contain the applet, "_parent" = show in the applet's parent frame, "_top" = show in the top-level frame of the applet's window, "_blank" = show in new window).
    :C: fontprops : :C: fontprops : description fontprops: font properties, description: description string.You may specify the checkbox group number in the type field, by writing g n next to the type-specifying character C, where n is the group number. No more than one button in a group can be pressed at the same time.
    :T: fontprops :T: fontprops : columns :T: fontprops : columns : editable fontprops: font properties, columns: number of columns, editable: editable (rw) or read-only (r).

    The fontprops field usually contains only one number, the font size. Additional properties are "b" (bold font) and "i" (italic). A 12pt bold italic font is specified as "12bi".


    <param name="param" value=":
    C:10:select this molecule:
    Cg0:10:include this structure:
    B:10:search for more molecules like this:_self: