First time configuration

    This guide details the first steps needed to configure ChemLocator following a successful installation.

    If you have not yet installed ChemLocator, please follow the installation guide.

    Elasticsearch settings

    Elasticsearch is required in most normal deployment scenarios, and the first step after installation should be to inform ChemLocator about the Elasticsearch server. You will need to log in with an administrative user.

    Open the administrative section of ChemLocator in the top navigation bar:

    Admin menu

    From the left-side navigation menu, open the Free Text Settings screen:

    Free text settings

    Next, configure Elasticsearch as follows:

    • Optionally, change the default index name from chemlocator to your preferred name.
    • Optionally, if your Elasticsearch server has security enabled, switch off anonymous authentication and add a username and password.
    • In the text box under "Server node URLs", type the URL for the Elasticsearch endpoint. The expected format includes http:// in the beginning.
    • Press enter, or click the plus sign to add the URL to the list.
    • Optionally, if you have multiple Elasticsearch servers, repeat the above two steps to add their URLs.
    • Click on "Validate Settings". If everything worked correctly, a success message should appear, and the configuration of Elasticsearch is completed.