Resolve CompReg IDs into Structures

    Use this function if you have a list of CompReg IDs in your workbook and want to resolve them into structures stored in a CompReg database. For more information about Compound Registration, see the Compound Registration User's Guide.

    Follow the steps below to resolve CompReg IDs into structures.

    1. Make sure your database connection is set up and working. For more information, see the Actions section .

    2. Enter the IDs which you want to resolve into structures (the entered IDs must match the ones stored in the database).

      Make sure that you entered the IDs are in the same format that is specified in Options > Actions > Convert to Structure By ID from Compreg.

    3. Select the list of IDs and click the CompReg ID → Str button.

    4. Structures associated with the selected CompReg IDs are imported to the sheet. The structures are imported as a JCIDSYSStructure function, which makes it possible to alternate between multiple displays by using the Structures and the IDs buttons.

      For more information, see Show and Hide Structures and Structure IDs.