Customizing the Ribbon of JChem for Office

    In JChem for Office, it is possible to customize the JChem ribbon with the built-in tool of Microsoft Office.

    To customize various aspects of the ribbon, see the steps below.

    {info} The screenshots are from Word, but the same process can be used in the other applications.

    1. Invoke the context menu by right-clicking the ribbon.

    2. Select Customize the Ribbon to open the Word Options window.

    3. In the Word Options window, select All Commands from the drop-down list.

    4. Click the New Group button to create a custom group. You can name the group by using the Rename button.

    5. Press OK to add the new group to the JChem ribbon.

    6. Open the Word Options window again, and add the desired commands to the newly created group.


      Groups and commands can be removed by using the Remove button.