JChem for Office

    JChem for Office is Chemaxon's cheminformatics solution in Microsoft Office products enabling scientists to manage and analyze chemical structures and their data in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and OneNote. Since JChem for Excel is rather a data analysis tool, while JChem for Office is more of a reporting tool, the documentation of these products is separated:

    (JChem for OneNote is only a prototype.)

    Watch JChem for Office's youtube playlist to find out more about the most important use cases.

    The main features of JChem for Office are:

    • Import structures and data from Instant JChem data tables, and from files.

    • Add, edit structures.

    • Open structures from file.

    • Copy-paste structures and data between Microsoft Office applications.

    • Convert structures to SMILES strings (not available in OneNote yet).

    • Convert text (SMILES, InChi, SMARTS, IUPAC Name, and CAS Registry Numbers®) to structure (not available in OneNote yet).

    • Display structure properties (not available in OneNote yet).

    The main features of JChem for Excel are:

    • Import structures and data from databases, and files.

    • Export data to files.

    • Add, edit structures.

    • Sort, filter structures, and the associated data.

    • R-Group decomposition.

    • Custom chemical Excel functions for calculating structure properties.

    JChem for Office works with the standard Chemaxon licensing infrastructure, and also allows several points of extension. If additional license files are specified, JChem for Office takes into consideration all of the licenses. Since JChem for Excel (JCXL) is part of the JChem for Office (JCO) package, the JCO license is valid for JCXL as well, but the JCXL license is not appropriate for JCO. When installing JCO you can decide if you want to install it together with JCXL, for more information, see Installation.

    The default location of the license file (license.cxl) is:

    C:\Users\<current user>\chemaxon

    For more information about Chemaxon licensing, see License Management.

    It is possible to use the following JChem for Office features without having a valid license:

    • Visualization of structures in JChem for Office documents.

    • Printing out JChem for Office documents.

    • Running the license form and license settings.

    It is always advised to install the latest released version of JChem for Office, which can be downloaded from Chemaxon's website:

    If you have only JCXL (without JChem for Office) it is advised to uninstall your current version from your computer first. Locate the software in Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and then uninstall it.

    If you previously had JChem for Excel but currently purchased a JChem for Office license, please uninstall your current version from your computer first.

    If your JCO license has already been installed in one of the four products (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Excel), it will be valid in all other three products. So, license installation has to be done only once.

    A new, lightweight solution called JChem for Office Lite is also available for Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. JChem for Office Lite is ideal for users who only want to copy and paste single structures from chemical editors to Office applications. The pasted structures then can be edited as seamlessly as in JChem for Office. For more information about JChem for Office Lite, see JChem for Office Lite User's Guide.