Import from IJC Datebase in JChem for Office-Rows Tab

    On the Rows tab, the hits are displayed in a database grid view. The number of displayed hits can be seen at the bottom left side of the dialog as well as near the selection checkbox.


    By using the selection checkbox you can select all rows. To select an individual row, click on it. By holding the left mouse button and dragging you can select multiple rows.

    To select multiple non-consecutive rows, click on the individual rows while holding Ctrl.

    Right-clicking on a row brings up the context menu, which consists of the following two elements:

    • Copy: Copies the selected rows to the clipboard.

    • Properties: Shows properties of the molecule. The properties can be changed.

    To refine the hits, click the Filter button. This opens the Filter dialog, which contains most elements of the Query tab.


    The applied filter can be removed by clicking the Remove Filter button.


    When all the desired rows are selected, click Import to start the import process.