Tomcat Deployment

    Move bioreg-web.war file into the Tomcat webapps folder. You can check below the default locations for different operating systems. In order to extract the .war files automatically, start Tomcat by using ./ start (Linux, Mac) or ./catalina.bat start (Windows) commands. If automatic deployment is switched off in your Tomcat configuration, the deployment has to be triggered manually. See the details in your Tomcat user manual.

    Example for Windows

    C:\Program Files\<TOMCAT_LIBRARY>\webapps

    Example for Linux

    /usr/share/tomcat/webapps or /etc/tomcat/webapps

    Example for Mac


    {primary} Make sure the webapps directory, your work directory and the .war itself are all readable and writeable by the user before you run Tomcat.

    You can perform a health check on this URL in order to verify whether the application is running correctly: