Add a Structure to a Cell

    To add a structure to a cell, follow the steps below or watch the following video on Chemaxon's youtube channel:

    1. Select the cell to which you want to add a structure.

    2. Click the Add/Edit button, which is located under the Edit group. Alternatively, the function can be used by clicking the Add/Edit button in the context menu.

    3. The default structure editor opens in a new window.

    4. Draw the structure in the window or load it from a file, then click OK. At the bottom of the window in the ID Assignment part, you can assign any kind of ID or textual parameter to the drawn structure, you can select SMILES or NAME from the drop-down list.

      Use this ID with the JCIDSYSStructure function, or the ShowHideStructuresActionforIDs action to alternate between this ID and the chemical structure in the same cell.

      1. If this ID is specified, the structure will be added to the cell as a JCIDSYSStructure element:

      2. If this ID is not specified, the structure will be added to the cell as a basic JCSYSStructure element: