Advanced Menu

    The advanced menu serves the specific needs of users. It contains the advanced features of JChem for Excel.


    Additional to the functions described in the Standard Menu section, the following functions are available through the advanced menu:

    Switch from Advanced to Standard Menu

    To switch from the advanced menu set to the standard menu set follow the steps below.

    1. On your ribbon, click the Standard menu button, which is located under the Options group. images/download/attachments/1806787/Switch_from_Advanced_to_Standard_s1.png
    2. Click Yes on the appearing prompt. images/download/attachments/1806787/Switch_from_Advanced_to_Standard_s2.png
    3. Another prompt appears asking if you would like to save your work, choose accordingly. After this, Excel closes automatically.
    4. Open Excel again. The menu set has been changed to standard. images/download/attachments/1806787/Switch_from_Advanced_to_Standard_s4.png

    {info} Please note that if your ribbon menu is customized you are not able to switch to the other type of menu set.