License Server Configuration

    {info} License server configuration is only available from version 19.26.

    This document describes how to use Chemaxon's Central License Server (instead of a local license file).

    Get license key

    You can find your personal license key in the following link (after logging in with the Chemaxon account):

    (Only available if you have an active license on the license server.)

    {info} Your license key must be protected. In case it is compromised, a new key should be requested from Chemaxon.

    Install with GUI (recommended)

    You can use Chemaxon License Manager GUI. It is a simple application where you can manage the licenses of all Chemaxon products.

    • Start the License Manager:

      • Choose "Licenses..." from the Help menu of any Chemaxon desktop application.

      • Or find the License Manager among your installed applications (e.g., on Windows: Start menu → Programs → Chemaxon).

    • Under License server configuration , you can set your personal license key. You can optionally test the configuration here.

    • Click on Apply to start using the central license server.

    After successful configuration, available licenses are automatically checked on the license server when you start an application that requires a license. For this check, an active internet connection is required. After a successful license check, the specific application can be used for 15 days offline. (If you have troubles with the license check process, check your proxy settings and ensure that can be accessed.)


    Manual installation by editing properties file

    License key and license server URL can also be set by editing the file <chemaxon_home>/ This file must contain the following entries:


    Using system variables

    License key and license server URL can be set with the following environment variables (help on setting environment variables):


    CHEMAXON_LICENSE_SERVER_URL (optional if not the default license server is used)

    Using JVM parameters

    License key and license server URL can be set with the follwoing JVM parameters:

    • chemaxon.license.server.key
    • chemaxon.license.server.url (optional, if not set, the default license server url is used)

    {info} Please note that when you install your licenses with a license key through a license server, no license file (license.cxl) is generated through the installation process, the installation of these two license types is independent from each other.

    In case you need help

    In case you need help with license key, please contuct us on .