Convert Text to Structures

    To convert various text types to structures, follow the below steps.

    {info} The Name to Structure license is needed to complete the InChi, IUPAC Name, and CAS Registry Number® conversion processes. Contact regarding this license.

    1. Select one or more cells, a whole column, or a whole row.

    2. Use the context menu to navigate to Convert > Convert from Text and select the desired textual format. Alternatively, the From SMILES and From 'any' Text buttons of the ribbon can be used.

      The supported formats are as follows:

    3. The strings are converted into structures.


    The system resizes the cells to the default size automatically before converting the strings to structures if the value of the Resize to Default option is set to TRUE in Actions > Convert To Structure > Cell Size.

    It is also possible to keep the original texts and insert a new column for the structures.

    To do this, set the value of Placement to InsertRight(instead of Replace) in Options > Actions > Convert To Structure > Placement.

    If any textual data have been selected, which cannot be recognized, a warning message will appear informing the user that some input data cannot be recognized and converted.


    This message only appears if the value of Display Statistics is set to Display Warnings in Options > Actions > Convert To Structure > Statistic.