How to collect event logs

    To find out the reason of an issue our users experience when they use our product we collect the JChem for Office and installer logfiles. You can find detailed steps about how to collect these in the following articles:

    In those cases when there are a lot of items in the logfiles it's hard to identify, which logfiles item belongs to the current issue. In these cases the Windows logs generated in the "Event Viewer", because when a crash is happening on a computer it creates a new comment in the Event Viewer, which can opened by typing "Event Viewer" to the windows search bar.

    1. On the left side, please select "Windows Logs", then from the right menu select "Filter current log" and check-in "Error" check-box to see only errors listed among Windows Logs.
    1. This way only those events will be listed, which caused an error in operation, eg. an application crash.
    2. The last step is to save the logs for these filtered events. To do this, please select "Save selected events".
    1. Type a filename, save the log and send it to