Managing Groups

    Groups in Chemaxon Cloud help you administer team members in different applications. Permissions are granted to these groups within the specific application.

    You can create groups (to be used later by your applications in order to manage your projects) as a Team Administrator. Login to your team workspace, open the Configure dropdown and select Groups:

    Groups navigation item

    By default, there are five predefined groups:

    group name granted permissions
    SUPER_ADMIN (formerly TEAM_ADMIN) create, change and delete users, groups and projects
    PROJECT_CREATOR create, change and delete projects

    These represent different rights in different application, for more detail please refer to the specific application's documentation.

    Check out Compliance Checker/cHemTS specific groups here.

    Creating a new group

    You can create a new group by selecting the Create new group option. These groups need to be created by application admins in the respective applications.

    You can only add team members to a group. If you cannot find someone you'd like to add to your group in the drop-down list, make sure that you added them previously as a team member.

    You can create a group and keep it empty for later use.

    {warning} Please note that the SUPER_ADMIN group is an exception, it can never be empty and it cannot be deleted either.

    Editing a group

    If you want to add, remove users from groups, select the down arrow key to expand its view:

    Opening a group

    Start to a type a team members name, and you will be able to select them from the appearing drop down list:

    Adding a group member

    If you make any changes, the Save changes button will become active. Once your changes are saved, it will turn inactive again.

    You can also delete the group from here.

    {warning} Please note that the SUPER_ADMIN group is an exception, it can never be empty and it cannot be deleted either.

    Adding another Team Administrator to the Team

    The Team Administrator can add other Team Administrators to the team. They can only add people that are already members of the team.

    Open the SUPER_ADMIN group, enter the email address of the team admin to be added, select them from the appearing drop down list, and then Save changes.

    {info} The TEAM_ADMIN group was renamed to SUPER_ADMIN on the group manager UI. We named it "super" to indicate that it gives all admin permissions and not just partial ones, like the recently introduced PROJECT_CREATOR group, whose members have the right to add and change projects but not users.

    Adding another Team Admin