{warning} This process is not reversible without backups!

    Uninstalling a single-host installation with docker-compose

    Connect to the host machine where ChemLocator is installed using ssh.

    Change into the folder where the ChemLocator installation is, using cd. The installation recommends using /usr/share/chemaxon/chemlocator. To ensure that the folder is correct, check that a file called docker-compose.yml exists.

    To completely tear down the environment and remove any Docker volumes created, use the following command (prefix with sudo on Linux distributions which make use of it, such as Debian or Ubuntu):

    docker-compose down -v

    To finalise uninstallation, delete the installation folder:

    rm -rf /usr/share/chemaxon/chemlocator

    {warning} Be very careful with rm -rf commands, as they silently and recursively delete the target folder. Ensure that the path you provide is the correct one.

    Uninstalling a multi-host installation

    The process is identical to the single-host process above. For each of the hosts used, repeat the process.