This action assigns map numbers to atoms of a molecule or a reaction. Map numbers are assigned in a given order to each atom of the input structure.

    Options in case of reaction file input:

    • Select the mapping style as Complete , Matching , or Changing.

    • Map action can also Mark bonds that have changed in the reaction.

    • Keep existing mapping (on by default)

      Note : Reactions are mapped by the AutoMapper User's Guidetool.

      Example :

      Action Input Output
      Map (map) images/download/attachments/1803698/aromatize1_in.png Map input images/download/attachments/1803698/map_atom_out.png Map output
      Map (map) images/download/attachments/1803698/map_atom2_in.png map input (reaction) images/download/attachments/1803698/map_atom2_out.png map output (reaction)