Ungroup S-groups

    This action replaces the S-group by atoms and bonds and as a consequence the group will be dismissed. The action will not be performed on S-groups listed in the Exclude attribute. S-groups names should be listed in the Exclude attribute and be separated by commas (e.g.,ungroupsgroups:Exclude='Ph,Ac'). In addition, the action can be configured to only ungroup previously expanded S-groups, and leave the contracted ones intact. This can be achieved by the onlyExpanded='true' option (default: 'false').

    Example :

    Action Input Output
    Ungroup S-groups (ungroupsgroups) images/download/attachments/1803713/ungroup_in.png ungroup input images/download/attachments/1803713/ungroup_out.png ungroup output
    Ungroup S-groups excluding "Me" (ungroupsgroups:Exclude='Me') images/download/attachments/1803713/ungroup_in.png ungroup input exclude images/download/attachments/1803713/ungroup2_out.png ungroup output exclude
    Ungroup S-groups (ungroupsgroups:onlyExpanded='true') images/download/attachments/1803713/expanded_Sgroup.png images/download/attachments/1803713/ungroup_expanded_Sgroup.png

    To preserve the group information, see Expand S-groups action.