Since 2017, Chemaxon provides long-term support releases ( “ LTS Releases ” ) in addition to the regularly (usually weekly) published releases (“ Frequent Releases ”) for its proprietary software (“ Chemaxon Software ”). As a result of continuous development, new features and bugfixes are published on the regular base in the Frequent Releases. Certain corporations, however, prefer less frequent updates due to their size, organization structure, or complex deployment and evaluation process. To support these clients, Chemaxon also publishes the LTS Releases twice a year, for which long-term support and bugfixes are provided, but no new features are introduced.

    Chemaxon makes available LTS Releases according to the following terms and conditions:


    Name : LTS Release

    Chemaxon Software involved:

    • Calculator Plugins

    • Chemical Name and Structure Conversion

    • Compliance Checker

    • Compound Registration

    • Instant JChem

    • JChem Base

    • JChem Choral

    • JChem for Office

    • JChem Microservices

    • JChem Neo4j Cartridge

    • JChem Oracle Cartridge

    • JChem Web Services

    • Marvin

    • Marvin JS

    • Pipeline Pilot Components

    • Plexus Connect

    • Standardizer

    • Structure Checker

      Availability: LTS Releases are available for all Chemaxon clients and customers that have valid licenses for the particular Chemaxon Software. LTS Releases can be downloaded from Chemaxon's website. Download and use of LTS Releases and/or Frequent Releases are voluntary and optional. Subject to possessing a valid license for Chemaxon Software, anyone is entitled to download and use either the LTS Release or the Frequent Release according to best interest.

      Technical advice: If you use more than one Chemaxon Software simultaneously, it is highly recommended in order to avoid technical difficulties (i) to use the same release version for each Chemaxon Software and (ii) not to mix LTS Releases with Frequent Releases when upgrading.

      Communication: LTS Releases are announced on Chemaxons website. Furthermore, email notifications can be requested by Chemaxon clients and customers that are interested in LTS Releases.

      Fees for LTS Releases: Subject to possession of valid annual license of a particular Chemaxon Software, no extra fee payment shall be required for LTS Releases. In case of perpetual licenses, LTS Releases are subject to fees according to the relevant optional maintenance and support subscription detailed in your end user license agreement.

      Release frequency: Two LTS Releases are scheduled to be published annually, one in March and the other in September.

      Content: Any LTS Release includes every feature and bugfixes that were published in the root Frequent Release of the actual LTS Release.



    Bugfix scope: In subsequent versions of an LTS Release, Chemaxon only patches critical and blocker bugs (see definitions below) classified as such at its sole discretion.

    Bugfix period: Chemaxon will provide support for each LTS Release for one (1) year.

    Extended bugfix period : Subject to additional support fees, if your end user license agreement does not specify otherwise, Chemaxon is open to negotiate further support. If interested, please contact us at sales [at] chemaxon [dot] com.

    No new feature: Subsequent versions of an LTS Release provide the same features. Only bugfixes are to be expected, no new features are introduced and existing features are not removed.

    Publication of a fix of an LTS Release: Chemaxon publishes fixes for an LTS Release only if it is necessary and the nature of the bugs requires so. Chemaxon's goal is to provide a fix for an LTS Release as soon as possible in order to avoid too many delays. Additionally, Chemaxon may consider, at its sole discretion, to gather several fixes and release them in the same version.

    Definition of “Blocker bug” and “Critical bug”:

    Blocker The most severe issues. The core features are affected and it is not possible to use the software. There is no workaround for the issue, it has to be resolved in the next version. Example for Instant JChem: search for a structure is not working
    Critical Severe issues. Major functions are affected, the use of the software is very limited. There is no workaround for the issue, it has to be resolved as soon as possible. Example for Instant JChem : data cannot be edited / new field cannot be created


    No offer: The content of this page intends to summarize information as a brief introduction in regards to LTS Releases, and therefore, should not be interpreted as an offer. For more information, please contact Chemaxon via email at sales [at] chemaxon [dot] com.

    Change requests and tests by clients and customers: Chemaxon reserves the right to make decisions, at its sole discretion, whether or not to change an LTS Release upon requests by its clients and customers. No results for dedicated tests performed and provided by Chemaxon clients and customers shall be accepted - except that Chemaxon may consider such test results if related to a bugfix according to the bugfix scope written above.

    No liability and indemnification: Subject to terms and condition written above, Chemaxon reserves all rights to change any information regarding LTS Releases at any time without notice, with immediate effect, and assumes no liability and indemnification whatsoever regarding the consequences of the information posted or the changes made on this page.