Grid View from Selection

    This functionality allows to users to create a Grid View (table) from any number of fields selected from one or more opened views belonging to a data tree. In the newly created Grid View all these fields are present which were previously selected by selecting widgets in the opened view(s) and the data they contain. The new Grid View from Selection can be created in a similar way as the default Grid View and offers the same functionalities (e.g. sorting and editing data, formatting options and managing columns).

    Creating a Grid View from Selection

    First, the fields to be shown in the Grid View from Selection need to be chosen. Open one or more form views which contain the fields desired to display in the Grid View from Selection and select the fields by clicking the corresponding widgets (at least two or more fields need to be selected). Thereafter, right-click on the Data Tree node (images/download/attachments/1804949/datatree.pngimages/download/attachments/1804949/datatree-simple-std.pngimages/download/attachments/1804949/datatree-simple-jcb.png) in the Projects window and choose New View.


    In the View Type drop-down box, choose Grid View from Selection.


    In the New View Name text box, enter a name for the View.


    Click Finish. The new Grid View from Selection is generated, and its node is displayed under the data tree in the Projects window.


    {primary} To keep the field selection under better control, closing the opened views and re-opening just these ones which contain the fields you need to display in your Grid View from Selection is recommended. This is especially useful when your data tree contains a high number of views.