SF-005 Logout

    Namespace: synergy/logout Last updated: 27.3.2018


    When a user logs out from Chemaxon Cloud, Chemaxon Cloud can notify your application by sending a request to your application's logout endpoint. The request will be an HTTP GET made by the browser with the user's cookies. This is a form of front-channel logout.


    In the application info, this feature should be described using the synergy/logout namespace with a single url attribute that defines where the logout request should be sent.

      "namespace": "synergy/logout",
      "attributes": {
        "url": "http://localhost:8102/logout"


    • As the internet is a best-effort system, the logout request might not reach your application. In that case, the user will remain logged in to your application.
    • If the user gets logged out of Chemaxon Cloud because of a session timeout, your application will not be notified.