Assay Release Notes

    Assay 12.8 (12.8.636250063)

    • Admin / Automatic Upload / OneDrive login change: force the selection of login account
    • Admin / Automatic Upload design changes (quicklist of files, save button for folder path)
    • Support version ids (like CXN1A) as entity ids in the uploaded files
    • Fix error message when there is an unparseable entity id in the uploaded file

    Assay 12.8 (12.8.527041302)

    Assay 12.2 (12.2.191212141017)

    • OneDrive autoupload support

    • bugfixes

    Assay: 12.1 (12.1.191128130840), Adapter: 8.0 (8.0.191121090857)

    This is a backward incompatible release

    • Using protocols instead of experimental and analytical procedures (UI, backend)

    • Template changes according to protocols (backward incompatible)

    • Assay is now multi-tenant

      (You can now use the same Assay instance to serve different customers from different synergy teams. You still need separate adapters for users.)

    • migration to common synergy-spring-boot package (oauth configuration)

    • "Share with" field remains editable even if protocol is already in use

    • integration of Chemaxon design system components (multi-select, buttons, frames etc.)

    • fix variables downstream bug

    See also:

    Assay: 11.4 (11.4.190925103449), Adapter: 7.5 (7.5.190919091927)

    No backward-incompatible change was made.


    • performance improvements on UI (now we are able to handle large uploads, up to 60MB)

    • default aggregation type of IC50 changed to geometric mean

    • all the times are in local time-zone on UI

    • display time (not just the date) of the upload in task list

    • reload button for task list

    • google clientId/client secret is not a mandatory system property any more

      Assay MQ Adapter

    • generated pivot views now contain ln, pcn, cn columns

    • several bugfixes in custom view generator (filters)

    • support task custom field filters in custom view generator