What's new in Chemaxon's end user license agreement (EULA)

    The below list is published only for the purpose of informing the reader about the changes made in EULA. Such information does not constitute the terms and conditions of EULA, neither substitutes nor affects the interpretation of the same. For terms and conditions to be applied, please read and follow EULA. This list may not fully cover all changes made in the EULA. Chemaxon shall assume no liability whatsoever for this. In case of any differences between this document and Chemaxon’s EULA , the EULA shall prevail.

    The changes made in the EULA on January 23, 2023 are as follows:

    1. The EULA has gone through a general restructuring and simplification process for the purpose of easier understanding, better applicability and to ensure easier accessibility for the readers.
    2. It has been clarified that EULA is applicable only for on premise solutions which require installation (Section 1).
    3. EULA and the price quotation together form the whole agreement between the parties as the Applicable Documents are being phased out. Any other written document from either party is excluded and disregarded by the EULA, have no force and effect and do not qualify as part of it in any means (Preamble and Section 10.1).
    4. The EULA becomes effective immediately after the Chemaxon Software is installed/used.
    5. Provisions of support services in Section 4. have been simplified for easier understanding.
    6. Refund is introduced and may be applicable only upon the termination of the agreement without cause by Chemaxon (Section 5.3).
    7. Provisions of termination in Section 5 have been simplified for easier understanding.
    8. The warranty period is 90 days, starting from the installation (Section 6.1).
    9. Provisions on free usage of certain products, and the list of certain license types, such as e.g. academic packages, free web license, commercial academic research license, catalogue license have been deleted.
    10. The provisions of the audit rights (Section 9) have been simplified, the over-deployment rate specified in such provisions has been decreased to 5% and the usage of a License Management Software has been introduced (Section 9.2).
    11. Special provisions on the purchase through distributors have been deleted.
    12. The entire list of bundled third party products (old Section 7) has been deleted.
    13. Terms of the evaluation license have been simplified and included in the relevant part of the License Types list.
    14. A new list of License Types have been introduced.

    The changes made in the EULA on October 28, 2021 are as follows:

    1. Collecting Usage Data was further detailed when using MarvinSketch for free (Section 1.3).

    2. Disclosing of results generated using any CHEMAXON SOFTWARE was further restricted (last bullet of Chapter "YOU MAY NOT" in Section 1).

    The changes made in the EULA on July 21, 2021 are as follows:

    1. The free usage of MarvinSketch, MarvinView and Molconvert was extended for primary, secondary and high schools or a school network (Section 1.2).

    2. Free downloaders of MarvinSketch, MarvinView and Molconvert were notified that their data of usage will be collected (Section 1.3).

    3. Disclaimer for license purchase through distributors was added (bottom of Section 1).

    4. Support limitations for releases that were made available beyond one year (Section 2).

    5. Your consent was added that Chemaxon has the right to forward your support request to third parties if it relates to their products (Section 2).

    6. Termination of the EULA was completed with the case when you are acquired (Section 3).

    7. An audit clause was added to Section 6.

    8. Arbitration was cancelled as dispute resolution (Section 6).

    9. The way of termination on your part and modification of the EULA on Chemaxon's part were clarified (Section 6).

    Details are in the document.