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By turning on the e-mail notifications option the user can get feedback about his/her activity (bulk upload and individual registration as well) from the sender's address. 

Since CompReg version: 19.13.0-1907171250

Upon assigning a submission to a user, an e-mail is sent to inform the new assignee.

Before the e-mail settings configuration please visit the Users page and set up an e-mail address for the user(s) who are about to receive the notification after the actions.

 E-mail templates are available for:

  1. Bulk upload reports
  2. Individual registrations
  3. Submission assignments.

If the "Automatically assign failed submissions to submitter" switcher is turned ON on Administration/General settings page the system will not send e-mail about the auto-assignment to the submitter. 

E-mail settings - E-mail notifications

The correct settings of the SMTP server are essentials for the e-mail forwarding, but in order to be able to verify the settings, you must always save the changes first.

E-mail settings - SMTP Server Settings

The user may also be notified  about the long-standing submissions based on the parameters set.
 Abandoned Submission

Abandoned submissions