Abbreviated Group Context Menu

Context: Right-clicking on an expanded/contracted abbreviated group or a selected abbreviated group.


Context menu item



Displays the whole structure of the chemical group on the canvas.


Displays the abbreviation of a chemical group.


The abbreviated group status is removed from the group.


Opens S-group dialog. Not available for abbreviated groups.

Attached Data...

Opens Attached Data Dialog window. Not available for abbreviated groups.

Expand and Clean

Shows the whole structure of the chemical group on the canvas after partial clean.

Ungroup and Clean

Removes the abbreviated group status from the group and cleans it in 2D.


Takes a copy from the group in context.

+ R-group attachment

Gives an R-group attachment to the first attachment atom of the abbreviated group.

- R-group attachment

Removes an R-group attachment from the group.

Atom Properties

Opens the Atom properties dialog window.

Absolute stereo (chiral)

Sets the Absolute chiral flag on the entire structure, indicating that the molecule represents a single, well-defined stereoisomer.


Opens the R-logic dialog. (Only active, when R-group definition is on the canvas.)


Adds structure from clipboard to canvas.

The Absolute stereo flag is displayed only when the chiral flag visibility is turned on in View Settings dialog.