History of Changes

    New Features:

    • Isotopes now can be added to the atom by using the Text tool.
    • Enhanced stereochemical notations can be added through the main and context menu.
    • Lists of atoms can be defined in the periodic table for drawing chemical queries.
    • It is now possible to draw chemical queries with generic atom types (for example, X for halogens, A for any atom, and so on.)


    • The license file is checked upon startup.
    • The license owner is now displayed in the About dialog.
    • Atoms with custom isotope numbers can be imported and exported.
    • It is now possible to import and display MRV files containing reactions.
    • It is now possible to export a single-step chemical reaction. The exported chemical content differentiates the reactants, agents, and products.
    • Chiral centers are automatically recognized and labeled as absolute.
    • Atom properties are now available from the main menu.
    • It is now possible to open the periodic table through the context menu of an atom.
    • The default position of the charge relative to the atom has been refined.
    • Improvement in displaying the formula of selected fragments (displaying charge and radical when cutting a covalent bond.)
    • Molecular weight and the exact mass are now displayed together with the formula.
    • It is now possible to copy and paste textual information from and to Marvin Pro.
    • It is now possible to add R-group labels with custom indexes.
    • User interaction pattern of graphical objects (ellipse, rectangle, arrow, etc) is improved. It is possible to move a selected graphical object by dragging inside its borders.
    • Snackbar notifications now appear at the bottom-left corner about main events, warnings, and errors.
    • The public API allows for sending notification at every edit step.
    • Unique ID is automatically added to all molecules handled on the canvas, and can be retrieved through the public API.

    May 13th, 2022: 22.11.0

    • Marvin Pro has been released.