JChem Microservices FAQ and Known Issues


    What is the storage backend behind JChem Microservices DB

    It is configurable. The default configuration using h2 db, but you can change it to PostgreSQL as well. See configuration details here.

    Access h2 DB backend behind JChem Microservices DB

    If your JChem Microservices DB configuration is using h2 backend, then it is possible to configure the service to access the embedded h2 db console. You need to add the following lines to application.properties file:


    After restarting the service the database console is available at the localhost's 8062 port. http://localhost:8062/h2

    Logging parameters are configured in the application.properties file. The default values are:

    Name property name value
    JDBC URL: com.chemaxon.zetor.settings.gcrdb.jdbcUrl jdbc:h2:nio:./data/chemical-data/store/db
    User Name: com.chemaxon.zetor.settings.gcrdb.user user
    Password: com.chemaxon.zetor.settings.gcrdb.password password

    Known Issues

    False similarity search results in the case of molecule types with tautomerHandlingMode=GENERIC parameter

    In the case molecule types with tautomerHandlingMode=GENERIC parameter, similarity search gives false results. These is no workaround at the moment, please do not execute similarity search in table having molecule type with com.chemaxon.zetor.types[n].tautomerHandlingMode=GENERIC parameter specified in the application.properties file.